Its an acquired distaste

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Title 2 

I just read my previous diary post. I cant help to be sadden, but very happy in a bigger sense. That was the roughest time of my life for me personally. My language barrier was ridiculously large, and I find it so …. cute. Adolescents is a bitch, and I am still in it happily, but I have a grasp on it. I was supposably “thinking differently” , which I was, just in a distraught way. I have started reading and educating myself since then, and with that begins understanding and appreciation. I enjoy my days now, and there’s nothing better than that. I am still looking for that love, but all in do time. The girl and I are still inside they same tangle, and it’s silly. I just cant seem to completely let go, and I’m okay with it (maybe). Are relationship amuses me I guess in a sense. My comment on weed is something I cringe when reading, such a poor thought. I smoke now more than ever, but not in attempt to make me happy. I have realized that most important things in my life are my family and friends. Everything else stacks on those two building blocks. This is a very brief expression on my life but typing it all down just doesn’t seem appealing.¬†

Love Always, Andrew